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Help & Info about Plagiarism Checker X for windows

  • Can this program figure out if my written content is plagiarized?

    The Plagiarism Checker X tool was designed to help you figure out if the text you have in your possession has been plagiarized. You enter the text from your document into the Plagiarism Checker X tool and it searches the web for the same type of text. It then tells you if the text you have in your possession is also on the Internet. You can tell if the text you have is also published online. If you have received a text document from another person, then you may see if that person has copied the text from somewhere on the Internet.
  • Is this a free tool or a paid tool?

    The version you are about to download is the free version. It is not a free trial in the strictest sense, it is more of a stripped down version of the full program. The developers have purposefully made the free version inconvenient in order to prompt you into buying the larger/full version. For example, the free version limits how many words you may check at a time, which means you have to split larger documents into smaller pieces if you wish to check them with this plagiarism detector.
  • Will the free trial version expire?

    There is no guarantee that the free version you are about to download will be free forever. It does say in the terms and conditions that they may shut down service of the free tool at any point. However, they are likely to keep the free version running so that they may continue to promote their paid version to people who are actively using the free version.
  • Why won’t it allow me to check full documents?

    It depends upon how large your document is. If it is just a few hundred words, then you may check that entire document in one go. If your document is a few thousand words, then you will need to split it up. If you pay for the full version, then you may check documents of 10000 words.
  • Can I use this program offline?

    The Plagiarism Checker X tool needs access to the Internet in order to check your text. It compares what you have with what is written on the Internet, so it needs an Internet connection. If you are not connected to the Internet, you may still use its document-comparison tool where you check one document against another. However, you will need the full paid version in order to do this.
  • How does this program work?

    It cuts your text up into portions of just three words. It then Googles those three words. It checks for direct results. If there are direct results, then it considers that section to be plagiarized, and it cuts up that phrase and checks it with the words before and after the phrase. If it gets another plagiarism hit, then it shows you the result on your plagiarism report.
  • How reliable are the results that Plagiarism Checker X gives?

    There is no definitive way of checking to see if work is plagiarized using only tools such as these. Tools such as the Plagiarism Checker X are only able to check the text that Google has indexed. For example, somebody may have copied content from a paper book, or maybe from a website that is not listed on Google, and plagiarism tools will have no way of checking or knowing that the text was plagiarised.
  • Why is there a 10% discrepancy with this tool?

    Tools such as this one will often have a threshold of between 5% and 10% of copied content. This is because verbatim content is often needed. For example, sources for photos often require the same information on numerous pages. Plus, there are many common expressions that are frequently written online and yet are not considered to be plagiarism. For example, many websites feature the words, “At the end of the day.” Plagiarism detectors ignore between 5% and 10% worth of plagiarism for this reason.
  • Why are there so many false positives with this tool?

    Despite the fact that some plagiarism detectors ignore up to 10% of plagiarism because some amount of verbatim copying is often required when writing, there are still occasions where false positives arise. This is even more common if your text has repeated the same phrase over and over again. For example, you may be writing about a celebrity who frequently uses the same phrase. Such a phrase would appear as a false positive because it appears numerous times on your text and a great many times on other people's online content.
  • How do I gain access to the in-depth HTML report?

    You do get a plagiarism report with this free version of the Plagiarism Checker X tool, but if you want the full HTML plagiarism report, you will have to buy the full version of this tool.


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